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We welcome you and wish you a pleasant experience with us as you set goals, pursue knowledge, make new friends, and prepare for the world you will enter upon graduation. Best wishes in all of your endeavors! Check out our pages for information that you might find useful!

Guidance Office Staff

Mrs. Anita Steinmann

Mrs. Anita Steinmann, School Counselor

Student Caseload A - G


(618)377-7230 ext. 11226

Mrs. Trisha Diveley

Mrs. Trisha Diveley, Registrar


(618)377-7230 ext. 11230

Ms. Katie Wooldridge

Ms. Katie Wooldridge, Social Worker


(618)377-7230 ext. 11233

Ms. Katie Wooldridge

Mrs. Julie Baker, School Psychologist


(618)377-7230 ext. 11260