2nd Semester Exemption Policy

Final semester examinations are an integral part of the education process at Civic Memorial High School, and all students are required to take final examinations in each subject area.  Final exams will determine 20% of the student’s semester grade.  Medical documentation may be required of students who miss final exams for reasons of illness.

Students may earn an exemption from Semester 2 final exams by meeting the following criteria:

C average, or better, for semester 2

12 or fewer absences for the school year (93% attendance) or,

5 or fewer absences for the second semester. 

10 or fewer morning tardies to school during the second semester.

Students in good standing in regards to social probation. 

Exemption policy only applies to year-long classes.  Exams for semester-long classes must be taken by all students. Students in dual credit courses may be required to take exams.

Students who must take their final exams prior to the established dates will be required to take all the exams.